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The Amazon Top 100 contemporary romance series featuring sexy Navy SEALs, a dangerous mob boss and his delicious henchmen, each novel loaded with drama and suspense.

  • A civilian Navy SEAL, Sean Millen, literally bumps into the woman of his dreams. But can he break through Beth’s walls?
  • Notorious playboy Ryan Millen’s life is turned upside down with the surprise of his life. Can Lynn pick him up and brush him off?
  • Derk Forester is a man not to be crossed. A deadly crime syndicate henchman who breaks laws and doesn’t blink twice. What happens when Mackenzie rejects the man who isn’t used to the word “no”?
  • Smith is the silent yet deadliest of the Murphy clan. But he can’t resist saving the damsel in distress. Will it come back to haunt him? And her?

The Boss’s Love:


The novel that started the spinoff series, The Love Series. A mob boss and the woman he instantly fell for. A full length novel packed with drama and suspense.

What happens when a notorious crime boss, Darren Murphy, is brought to his knees by the woman who instantly captures his heart? What happens when another man takes an unhealthy interest in Courtney Millen? And what happens when Derrick Murphy, brother of the original boss, has to step up and prove who really is the most dangerous of the Murphy brothers?

Men of Law Series:





A standalone series about a group of detectives, filled with suspense and romance.

  • A jewelry thief that the detective unit has been chasing for months. A detective who’s unaware that the thief is closer than he could have ever considered. What happens when worlds collide?

A Quinn Brothers Story Series:



Casey’s Lunch Time Reads Collection

Nothing to do on your lunch break? While waiting for soccer practice, dance rehearsal, or for your plane, need a romance to read without having to dive into a full length novel only to have to abandon it? Try these short reads to help feed your reading needs.

Five close brothers, all successful in their careers, but lacking that one thing to help complete their lives. Love.

  • A fireman who had lost the love of his life due to his reckless behavior. Can he win her back?
  • A shy, introvert who’s been sheltered and protected by his brothers. Can the man who walks into his life break through his walls?
  • The CEO who doesn’t have time for a relationship. Until HR sends him an irresistible admin.










A beautiful woman with a past so dark and violent, that she’ll never be the woman she once was. Can Logan handle Rachel’s demons? Can Rachel find a piece of her old self in Logan? A dark romance novella.